Welcome to the official home of Liv Wilde!

You have arrived in Liv’s erotic playground. It’s time… to RELAX… free your mind, surrender your body, and embrace your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Let your Mistress of Seduction captivate your mind and body with her irresistably enchanting voice; a voice of Reason, a voice you Trust and Desire.

Whether you would like to be dominated by a commanding woman, mind controlled, tied up and tickled, seduced by the beauty of femininity, programmed to be an obedient playtoy, or even hypnotized to enhance specific fetishes: Your secrets are safe here. There is no shame, only pleasure, and sweet, sweet torment.

Have a look around, listen to some previews, and find the perfect session to end (or start) your day. You can always send an email to Liv personally for advice.  Liv offers erotic hypnosis sessions of all types, specifically: FEMDOM, TEASE&DENIAL, PLEASURE ENHANCEMENT, ORGASM CONTROL and MIND CONTROL.